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Friday, January 29, 2016

Making every blog post count

Michigan-based Total Grinding Solutions and GCH Tool Group don’t just have links to blogs on their respective websites; the companies put their blogs to good use, providing valuable information for customers and prospects alike.

A roundup of recent blog posts includes:
Of course, some of the posts are as fun as they are informational. Take, for instance, 19 Fun Facts About Centerless Grinders to Impress Your Colleagues (Fun Fact #1 - Most bowling balls are finished on a centerless grinding machine. Who knew?).

The point is, both companies understand the importance of regular blog posts as a way to educate customers, generate leads and improve the search engine performance of their websites. Those are some fun facts that any manufacturer can put to good use.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Why SEO is important for industrial web sites

It's budget planning time for many businesses and with that comes the question of how to allocate marketing dollars. Just in time, a new study by industrial portal IHS Engineering360 points to the importance of SEO in reaching technical buyers.

The survey of 1,403 industrial professionals who have recommendation authority in the buying process for their companies showed that 89% of the survey participants use search engines, like Google, to research products and services. And, 75% say they rely on supplier websites. That's more than any other medium, print or online.

What does that mean for industrial companies?  As they cut up their marketing pie for 2016, they'd better serve up a much larger slice for website updates and SEO over more traditional forms of industrial marketing, like trade publications and trade shows, and even online vehicles like e-mail and webinars.

Industrial buyers are using search engines, so getting the best possible search engine rankings needs to be the #1 priority. Read more about the industrial buyers survey, then contact Pilot Fish for assistance with your industrial SEO strategy for 2016. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

SEO isn't dead and keywords do matter

Every so often, you read headlines like "SEO is dead," or "Keywords don't matter any more," and wonder why you've been so focused on SEO to improve search engine rankings, traffic and lead generation for your B2B site.

The truth is, those headlines are written to get you to click into what ends up being a very technical discussion about current SEO factors, algorithm changes and how, ultimately, SEO isn't dead and keywords do still matter.

Certainly, Google has made it much more difficult to earn a first-page position than, say, in 1999. But, because everyone wised up to what it would take to get that top search engine ranking, the search engine giant was forced to change its formula, many times over, so that among hundreds of thousands or millions of web results for the same term, the company would have a way to sort out who should be at the top.

Ultimately, what that means is that SEO is not a one-and-done proposition. It requires regular attending-to, both for on-page SEO techniques and off-page link building, now more commonly called content marketing.

And, for those companies that are willing to stick with it, and do SEO the right way, the result is much better search engine rankings, higher website traffic and strong lead generation.

Take a look at these charts, which demonstrate the power of great SEO. These results come from a B2B company that took every bit of Pilot Fish's advice and implemented SEO the right way.

Learn more about how to use Google Analytics to measure SEO results for your company website.

Successful B2B SEO Results

Organic SEO Promotes Branding

Great B2B SEO Drives Website Traffic
A B2B client of Akron, Ohio, SEO and website design company Pilot Fish illustrates the value of properly implemented SEO. 


Monday, September 28, 2015

New website showcases item Southeast's manufacturing capabilities

The folks at item Southeast, of Greenwood, S.C., knew their website wasn't effective, but they weren't sure how to solve the problem. The site offered little original content, with just three pages and two brochures devoted to explaining the company's more than 20 years of experience developing manufacturing solutions that improve productivity and workplace safety.

As a distributor of item International's extruded aluminum framing systems, item Southeast wanted to provide access to the German company's comprehensive online catalog of of aluminum extrusion profiles and modular components and promote its own capabilities to design and manufacture custom machines, lean production systems, industrial workbenches and work stairs and platforms using those components.

Custom work stairs and platform
Based on the recommendation of fellow distributor item North America, the company contacted Pilot Fish for assistance in building a new site and implementing search engine optimization.  item Southeast launched its new fully optimized site with Pilot Fish's help on Sept. 14.
The new site effectively delivers on promoting item Southeast's more than 20 years of experience manufacturing a variety of industrial products, including:

item Southeast offers item’s full complement of standardized aluminum profile building kit systems, including: the MB Building Kit System for machine bases, structural framing, machine guarding and custom enclosures; the Work Bench System for ergonomic, high-productivity work stations; the TPS Stairways & Platforms system for custom work stairs, platforms and warehouse mezzanines; and the LPS Lean Production Building Kit System for custom material handling solutions.

Visit item Southeast’s website to learn more or contact the company at (888) 588-2726.

Friday, September 18, 2015

A Note from Pilot Fish's Staff

The entire staff at Pilot Fish would like to invite you to join us in congratulating Angela on her 20th anniversary with the company. Read more at

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Launch a blog to improve SEO and communications with industrial customers

Industrial companies are increasingly learning the value of using a blog to promote their business, products and services.  Many use blogs to replace web pages previously used to announce trade show calendars or press releases.

Total Grinding Solutions, a Warren, Mich.-based centerless grinder manufacturer, has launched a blog for customers and prospects to communicate centerless grinding technical tips, safety guidelines and preventive maintenance advice.

centerless grinding blog
TGS Centerless Grinders' Blog

Using a blog for this purpose enables the centerless grinding machine company to develop new content for its website on a regular basis in a format that allows interested parties to subscribe for updates.

The blog features a variety of centerless grinding-related articles, including:
Adding a blog to your website and regularly updating it helps meet Google’s “freshness” factor in its search ranking algorithm for improved SEO and provides companies a forum for regular communication with customers and site visitors.

SEO blog
Pilot Fish SEO Blog

Learn more about effective SEO techniques, visit Pilot Fish’s Industrial Marketing Blog, or contact Pilot Fish for assistance with your industrial SEO project

Friday, August 21, 2015

Hola Español? Your website should if you’re targeting foreign customers

When Pilot Fish client Total Grinding Solutions Inc., a centerless grinder manufacturer in Warren, Mich., had its website built, the company knew that its machines were well-positioned price-wise for foreign grinding companies, particularly those in the Latin American market.

So it had Google’s Translate feature added to its site, figuring that foreign visitors could use the automated translation to read the site’s content.  Additionally, the company had a single Spanish-language landing page built, targeted specifically for the Latin American market.

Unfortunately, the strategy failed to drive much traffic to the site.  With little foreign-language content, there wasn’t much for search engines in other countries to index, so finding the site was likely difficult outside the United States.

Upon Pilot Fish’s recommendation, TGS agreed to build a Spanish version of its website (Rectificadora sin Centros deTGS), hiring a professional translator to provide technically accurate translated content for its centerless grinder pages.
The new Spanish version of the TGS site was launched in mid-July, and just one month after the site’s debut, TGS already is seeing increased traffic from Latin American companies.  In May, a little over a month prior to the site’s launch, the company had 70 sessions from a variety of Latin American countries, and one visit from Spain.  But, its Spanish-language landing page was viewed only 7 times in that period, so site visitors were more likely using the Google-translated version, which likely would not have provided entirely accurate translations for the more technical portions of the site, like the centerless grinder specifications page (especificacionesde la rectificadora sin centros TGS-CL-6020).

Without any additional promotional efforts besides on-page optimization, the website’s traffic from Latin American countries and Spain was 24 percent higher in the first month after the new website’s launch, and the number of pages viewed soared nearly 300% to 225 Spanish-language pages viewed vs. 7 in May.  

And, Mexico now is the third highest country of origin among the site’s visitors, accounting for a little over 5% of the site’s overall (English and Spanish) traffic.  All Spanish-language countries combined now account for 17 percent of the site’s traffic, just 30 days after the launch of the Spanish site.

The company now is in the planning stages for off-page content marketing and link building that will help build additional awareness of and traffic to the new Spanish language site. It started by translating an existing Slideshare presentation (TGS CNC rectificadora sin centros).

For practical business solutions to Internet marketing problems, contact Pilot Fish, the experts in industrial website design and SEO.