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Monday, December 18, 2017

Use your Expertise to Offer Customers Useful Information

One thing everyone can agree on, the Internet has changed marketing from being a push activity, to a pull. Internet users determine what they want to click on and read, so it can be daunting for companies to develop strategies that bring those wanted eyeballs to their site.

That's where resource information on your website comes in. Even if your potential customers aren't specifically looking for you when they initiate their search on Google, with the right attention to material that hits their hot buttons, you have an opportunity to bring in those new users to your site.

An example of that would be the work we do with ProVia, a manufacturer of entry doors, patio doors, storm doors, replacement windows, vinyl siding and manufactured stone veneer. 

Along with detailed product information for folks making their product selections, the company also provides articles on common home remodeling topics that homeowners would find helpful.

For instance, when the company expanded with three new window lines:  Endure, Aspect and ecoLite, it also added articles to aid homeowners in how to pick out the right windows for their home.

Articles tackle common questions homeowners might have when considering new windows for their homes, like how to determine your home needs new windows, tips for choosing the best replacement windows, choosing between various window styleswindow glass selections that improve curb appeal, and picking the right windows for energy efficiency in your climate zone.

Providing tips and articles that help your customers make informed decisions builds your company's reputation as an expert in its industry and as one that is customer-friendly.  Not to mention, these types of resources, a form of content marketing, also are great for improving your website's SEO.

For assistance with your content marketing initiatives, contact Pilot Fish at 877-799-9994 ext. 2102.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Good B2B SEO = Good Usability = Good Lead Generation

A lot of companies want their corporate websites to be all about them - what they want to sell, what they want their image to be. 

But the most successful companies know they get their best leads from online marketing that focuses on what the customer wants.

Aside from the perfect solutions to their problems, most site visitors, whether they know it or not, want usability. They want websites that are easy to navigate and easy to read, websites that let them find what they need quickly and then move on to the next tasks on their unending lists of tasks.

That can be done on the micro level by using white space, font size and other elements to make each web page legible.

It can also be accomplished on a site-wide basis by paying attention to details like the placement and wording of navigation buttons and the proper use of calls to action.

Sites that are easy to use increase the likelihood of visitors staying on your site to find what they want. And, if they find what they want, they're more likely to contact you for help in getting that want satisfied. 

For help in satisfying your site visitors, contact Pilot Fish today by calling 877-799-9994, ext. 2102 or by submitting this simple form.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Picture This: Boosting Your B2B SEO with Images

Sometimes, it might feel like you're simply SEO'ed out ... there's no plant expansion to write a press release about, no new product to write web pages about, no upcoming trade show to blog about.

You've even turned every one of your company's PowerPoints into a slideshow to share on-line, and you just feel like you've got nothing left to give when it comes to B2B SEO.

 But ... if your company has a professionally designed website, you're likely sitting on a goldmine of SEO opportunity without even thinking about it, i.e. the product, staff and facility images on your website.

You can post all of these photos to image-sharing websites like Pinterest and Flickr to get a nice one-two punch from these visual resources that you've already paid for.

Pilot Fish client Avalon Precision Metalsmiths recently took this route by posting some great product images to both websites. You can see the results at and

Based in Cleveland, Avalon specializes in investment casting in a wide range of materials, including:

Thanks to Avalon's extensive list of materials and capabilities, the company had a slew of interesting images to post on Flickr and Pinterest, each with a brief description and a link back to an appropriate page on Avalon's website.

Ready to begin reaping the B2B SEO benefits of image-sharing sites? Click here to read some tips on using Pinterest -- and to find out which major manufacturers are using image-sharing sites and why they're doing so.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Press release distribution and B2B SEO

Despite having originated at the dawn of the last century, press releases remain a great way for companies to:
  • Provide important company updates
  • Increase name recognition
  • Establish brand leadership
  • Support their Internet marketing efforts
And a press release properly optimized for the search engines is a great addition to the website of any company looking to promote itself. Useful, well-written copy crafted to appeal to your target audience and to the search engines will always enhance your corporate website’s SEO.

But not all press release distribution services are created the same. Read about some of the most obvious red flags in our most recent blog post.

Friday, June 2, 2017

A good technical foundation sets the stage for a successful corporate blog

Good SEO can make just about anything better - your company's website, your YouTube channel, your social media posts. Hitting all the SEO markers -- especially on the technical side -- makes all of your Internet marketing more visible.

And the same holds true for your corporate blog. An intriguing title and strong content will make the lasting impression on your readers, but you need to get the technical side right to make sure your readers show up in the first place.

Read our most recent post to learn more.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Making the Best of a Domain Change

Companies spend many years and much effort and cost building their brand and marketing their names, so when the idea of changing one's website domain comes up, it's never a discussion to take too lightly.

Not only can changing one's domain cause confusion in the marketplace, it can hurt your SEO, when not implemented properly.

That's why we recommend you read this article on "How to Preserve Your SEO Rankings When Changing Domains."

We recently worked with two clients that went through the domain change process:


This U.S. manufacturer of exterior home building products had coveted a domain that was secured long ago by another business. But, they found an opportunity to acquire the domain when that company was bought out and renamed. A carefully crafted strategy was executed to convert the company's site to the new domain, with efforts to promote the domain change and contact organizations that had links to the site.  After an initial short-term drop in SEO rankings and site traffic, the site's new domain was indexed by Google and the company now has returned to its previously high SEO rankings. 

Not long after, the company decided to move its site to a new content management system and rewrite its URLs to a better format for SEO.  Again, great care was taken to write proper redirects so that once reindexed, consumers seeking the company's entry doors, storm doors, patio doors, replacement windows, vinyl siding and manufactured stone veneer products would easily find them on Google and other search engines.

After operating for 20 years as item North America, this company made a decision to re-brand its business to better reflect its commitment as a full-service mechanical hardware solutions provider. The company uses various extruded aluminum profiles and components to design and build linear motion systems, material handling applications, modular conveyor systems, machine bases, machine safety guarding, custom enclosures, industrial workbenches and work stairs and platforms.  

In addition to managing the online aspects of a domain change, Pilot Fish also assisted with customer notification, by crafting a press release, blog article, email newsletter and social media posts to help inform the company's long-time customers and prospects of the name change.

In addition to changing the website domain, this change also required complete re-branding of MB Kit Systems' social media channels, which Pilot Fish also managed. 

Changing a website domain is never and easy decision, particularly when one considers the effort required and the potential impact to website rankings.  But, when done properly, a domain change can effectively set up a business for a more prosperous future.

Contact Pilot Fish for your challenging website marketing and SEO issues or call 877-799-9994 ext. 2102.  

Thursday, May 18, 2017

15 simple steps to improve your password protection

Every day seems to bring a new story about hacking, ransomware, cyber crime or some other disturbing attack on websites or Internet-dependent services.

You know you need to improve your company's cyber security - there's too much at stake to simply do nothing. But the overall threat is so nebulous, and yet so frightening, that it can be hard to know where to begin.

Still, there's one simple thing you can do to put your company on the right track toward cyber security: Improve your corporate password protection.

Our most recent blog outlines 15 actions you can take to boost password protection at your company, including:

  • Don't use the same password for more than one account login.
  • Use a password manager to generate random passwords and to simplify the entire password protection process.

Heads up: A password manager is a piece of software or online service, not a real person. Read our blog for more info on this tip and the other 13 recommendations.