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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

If Results Aren't Guaranteed, Why Bother with SEO?

Continuing on yesterday's article about SEO guarantees: If the results of true search engine optimization can’t be guaranteed, why bother?

First and foremost, research shows that 70% of search engine click-thrus occur from the natural results. Pay-per-click provides instant positioning, but your click-thru rate on PPC ads will be lower than what you’d achieve by being on the first page of search engine’s natural results.

Internet users consider the natural results to be more credible than PPC ads located on the same page, which explains the higher click-thru for natural results. Another benefit is that search engine users clicking on your link enter your site with high expectations that your company provides what they’re looking for.

Your search engine optimization efforts usually provide long-term return on investment. Once your site is positioned on the first page of the search engines, it’ll usually stay there for some time. Whereas with PPC, you’ll need to keep paying month after month to retain your ad position.

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