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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Phone or E-mail?

What's more important to you from a business perspective, your phone or e-mail? I was pondering the question while feeling frustrated over phone issues in our office related to the transition to Voice Over IP technology.

In my case, I'd say I can't choose one over the other. E-mail has quickly become an essential tool to conducting business. On the rare occasion that it's down, I feel helpless -- as though I'm lost without the means to communicate, even though my phone sits just 18 inches away.

Likewise, when the phone isn't working, I feel the same way.

I guess that's because I've learned to compartmentalize the tasks for which I use e-mail and phone. Certain people, certain projects are best dealt with via e-mail, where I can document information and relay a significant amount of information without losing the fine points. Some projects, some people require phone contact for best impact.

E-mail allows me to extend my workday. I can communicate an idea or issue to someone at any time of the day without needing them to be at the other end at the same time.

But, if I need immediate response, I go with the phone. Not everyone checks their e-mail constantly.

Phone or e-mail? If I were forced to pick, I'd go with e-mail.

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