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Monday, April 16, 2007

Why Links Have Become So Important to SEO

When you're immersed in your business, you take for granted that everyone you talk to understands the jargon or innerworkings of your industry.

Internally at our company, we've had discussions about the level of understanding that clients and prospects have about search engine optimization and the factors that determine good SEO. Based on those conversations, derived from other conversations directly with our clients and prospects, it became apparent that we needed to take a couple of steps back and put together a basic piece on the history of SEO and how links have become such an important part of an SEO strategy.

For many people, links mean outgoing links, where a company might have a links page on their web site and provide links to various companies and organizations of interest.

But, for SEO purposes, it's incoming links as well as internal links that have greater importance.

For a basic understanding or how/why links are so important, read the article I wrote on "The Importance of Link-Building to SEO Success."