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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Packaging company re-packages itself via Internet

It’s exciting when you come across a company in your industry that you know “just gets it.”

Among the news stories on our plastics news page this week is one about Avon, Ohio-based American Built Containment Systems, now doing business on-line as ABC Packaging Direct.

The custom packaging company revamped its sales model and now does business exclusively on-line, resulting in a 40 percent boost in revenue. What’s interesting about ABC’s web activities is how the company uses its web site to interact with prospects and convert them to customers.

Among the interesting features is a human greeter who interacts with site visitors as they enter the site at The greeter offers to assist the visitor in locating specific products.

Additionally, the site has an interactive web meeting function that allows customers to work directly with ABC’s staff to design the packaging they need and obtain a quote.

According to the company’s president, the transition to an all-Internet sales model enabled the company to reduce the size of its sales staff, eliminate travel for face-to-face sales calls and turn around packaging designs much more quickly.

Besides the interactive features on the site, the company also has invested in making sure the web site performs on major search engines like Google so that prospects can easily find the site. According to ABC Founder and CEO David Marinac in a company statement, “The acceptance of Search Engines as a primary tool for decision makers to solve packaging problems has led to a tremendous opportunity for growth at ABC Packaging Direct.”

Industry data supports Marinac’s assertion. According to a survey of technical buyers and engineers by GlobalSpec, 73% use search engines or online industrial directories ahead of trade publications or printed directories when seeking product information.

Kudos to ABC.