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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hacked off over copyright infringement

I got a nasty surprise today. One of our employees accidentally discovered an unrelated company in another state had copied one of our web site designs for purposes of using it as a template to build their own site.

They had copied several of our pages and moved them, lock, stock and barrel, or in this case, content, coding and design, over to their servers, where they remain today. The home page that they're building still contains our meta coding, with our company name in the header! What's worse, the pages have been indexed into Google, which could really cause confusion among people looking for us.

So, now we're setting a curt letter to have the offending web pages removed.

Here are a couple sites that I found useful in determining how we'd handle this situation:

A 6 Step System to Stop People from Stealing Your Website Content

The U.S. Copyright Office's FAQ page