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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

You Can Manage Your Own PPC, but Should You?

Search engines Google and Yahoo have created user interfaces that enable most companies to set up and manage their own pay-per-click advertising campaigns. But, in the end, your ad campaign is likely to be far more successful if you invest in having an appropriate agency manage it for you.

Not all PPC ads are created alike; there’s a trick to writing a search engine ad that entices search engine users to click yours ahead of others and a bigger trick to getting these prospects to take action once on your site.

Search engine marketing companies that employ experienced Internet copywriters are best suited to manage your pay-per-click campaigns to maximize the response rate. In addition to providing high-response ads and landing pages, your PPC manager also will invest time researching the best keywords for your campaign, and monitor performance regularly, making adjustments to ads and landing pages, keywords and campaign buys to improve overall effectiveness.

Recently, Pilot Fish began managing the PPC ad campaign for one client that had been running its own PPC ads. Within one week’s time, the click-thru rate had doubled and the client reported receiving four very promising leads.

Not only did we rewrite the ads, we advised them on the pages to use as landing pages (finding that they already had pretty good copy on their site) and made recommendations on how much to spend for each keyword.

We regularly review the results and will continue to advise the client on how to maximize their investment for best return.

This client is using PPC as a lead driver during the time that we redesign and optimize their site for better natural position on the search engines. The expectation is that once their site optimization is in full gear, we'll be able to use PPC to fill in the gaps.