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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Quality SEO Services Focus on Three Areas

Given that Google and Yahoo regularly tinker with their algorithms, I thought it might be good to review the specific areas that are most important currently (summer 2008) in search engine optimization.

There are 3 primary areas that comprise SEO services:
-- Keyword Research
-- On-Page Optimization or SEO Copywriting
-- Off-page Optimization or Link Building.

Keyword Research is the process of identifying which terms are most used by the prospects you are trying to reach. Keyword Research not only evaluates the most popular terms, but also the competitiveness of those terms. Some terms might be too competitive for SEO purposes, making them more suitable for pay-per-click advertising. A good Keyword Research program will put together the best set of keywords for your site to generate the most and best quality traffic.

SEO copywriting involves incorporating the keywords into your site content, developing a site strategy that logically describes your business using those keywords and coding the site to emphasize the proper keywords.

Link building has become increasingly important and ignoring this area likely will result in a failed SEO program. Once you've identified your keywords and incorporated them into your site, it's important to find appropriate third-party sites that are willing to provide a link to your site. Trade publication sites, association sites and business directories are among the types of sites that can provide a valuable incoming link.

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