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Monday, September 15, 2008

Include an SEO Firm in Your Site Redesign

Many companies operate under the misguided notion that a simple facelift or “freshening up” will improve traffic and leads to their web site. Although having a fresh look and new content are important to site credibility, a site redesign alone won’t improve your site’s performance on the search engines or get more eyeballs to your site.

As you begin your next site redesign, be sure to include an SEO firm in the process. An SEO firm will help make sure that the improvements you are making to your site at the minimum won’t hurt your search engine positioning and at best will improve it.

For example, although Flash adds a lot of pizzazz to a site, building a site entirely in Flash will render the content virtually invisible to the search engines, making it nearly impossible to gain top performance on important keywords. An SEO firm will help guide you on the best ways to use Flash so that it’s graphically effective, not a hindrance to your site’s search engine ranking.

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