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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Land of Opportunity

I picked up my son and his friends from school last week and one of them immediately plugged in an Ipod. Out blared Big Band music, circa 1940s! I couldn't believe my ears. Turns out they got turned onto it from a video game they were playing and downloaded the music.

Which got me to thinking: There is so much opportunity companies haven't yet leveraged for marketing purposes. The convergence of technology has created a land of opportunity, limited only by our own creativity and ambition.

Much of it will play out for b2c companies, but b2b firms should keep their eyes and minds open to it too. It took a while for people to realize all the different entry points that the Internet provided to a given website. Similarly, we're getting to a point where cellphones, MP3 players, computers and other Internet-enabled devices will easily share the same information. We just need to be creative in identifying the way businesses can utilize them.