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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Trust the SEO Keyword Research

Perhaps one of the most difficult things a company has to do is trust their brand image to an outsourced vendor. Whether it's an ad agency designing a print ad or direct mail piece or an SEO company creating optimized content, the tendency is to not trust the hired firm to be able to communicate to your customers and prospects what you think the message should be.

Too often we hear "You don't know our industry, or our products or our terminology." This may be true, but SEO firms do know research. And, SEO keyword research oftentimes shows that the client is not seeing the full picture.

For instance, people in the banking industry talk about ATMs -- Automated Teller Machines. A company that sells these units refer to them as ATMs. But, more than 70,000 people monthly search Google for "ATM machine" or "ATM machines". Clearly, it's a redundant term "ATM machines -- automated teller machine machines", but a lot of people are using it.

A banking client might advise that we can't use "ATM machines" as a term on our site because it's redundant and we'll look like idiots to the rest of our peers. But, who are you selling to, your competitors or prospects? Using that term speaks directly to what the customer is looking for, and if you're looking for new business, you're not going to shut the door on a customer who uses the wrong terminology.

The really cool thing about SEO that differentiates it from traditional advertising is that there is so much ability to track user behavior and to use this research to develop a successful web site strategy. The key is, keep mindful of the end goal and trust the SEO keyword research.

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