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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Survey Identifies Links as Top Ranking Factor

For those wondering about all the hype around links and SEO, there’s a new study out by SEOmoz that identifies the current most important factors to a site’s performance on the search engines.

The survey highlights the universal experience of SEO professionals who work on websites every day. Pilot Fish’s own John Inama is a member of the organization; we find it beneficial to have the opportunity to brainstorm and network with folks in our own industry.

The SEOmoz report identifies the Top 3 ranking factors as being related to a web site’s incoming links. More specifically, they are:

1. Keyword-focused anchor text from external links: This is the text in clickable links that are pointing to your site from external sources.
2. External link popularity: This refers to the quality/quantity of external links.
3. Diversity of link sources: This is the number of links from several diverse root domains.

Here’s a link to the SEOmoz Search Engine Ranking Factors study.

To find out whether your web site has enough or the right type of links to help your site perform on search engines, contact John Inama at 877-799-9994 ext. 2104.