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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thanks University of Akron soccer team: LeBron who?

After taking a beating by the Miami Heat at home on Dec. 2, the Cleveland Cavaliers face the dubious task of challenging them on their home court tomorrow night. That first match-up wasn't pretty and sent the Cavs into a tailspin, with six straight losses after that (actually, maybe we should blame Boston for the current losing streak, it might make us feel better).

So, things don't look good for tomorrow night.

For many of us in Akron who have been true wine-and-gold Cavs fans, we're ready to exorcise ourselves from the LeBron James mania. See column I wrote on the topic the day after the Heat wave.

That's where the University of Akron and its national championship men's soccer team comes in. The third-seeded Zips beat No. 1 seeded Louisville 1-0 in the national championship on Sunday. Once we clear out all the snow, we'll plan that ticker-tape parade.

Congratulations to the team and Coach Porter. LeBron who?

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