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Thursday, December 23, 2010

What's effective SEO worth to you?

I could have titled this blog item "What's SEO worth to you," but that would ignore all the scam artists out there that offer to provide SEO services for a ridiculously low price. Problem is, the results bear out the effort they put into it and by the time the client figures that out, they are long gone.

We are occasionally asked to compete with other "SEO" firms for specific projects and I cringe at the process. Too often, the client is looking for the lowest bid and not paying attention to the details about what they're actually going to get. We usually end up getting the client anyway, perhaps a year or two later, after they realize that the methodic program we outlined, priced higher than the SEO vendor who originally won the project, in retrospect sounds more sensible than the quick-fix they were promised by the other guys.

Effective SEO is not a quick fix, it requires skill and talent, and it can be expensive. I wrote a more extensive article about the expense of SEO for the website SiteProNews. You can read it here: Effective SEO No Walk in the Theme Park

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