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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Where were the grownups from Brentwood, Pa.?

As president of a high school sports website -- -- I was appalled at the story of the three students from Brentwood, Pa., who jumped onto the basketball court in banana suits to mock the opposing team, which was comprised primarily of African-American athletes.

Where were the supervising adults? I've seen fan interaction between student sections get loud and obnoxious, but school administrators typically are quite visible at high profile games and generally will step in before anything gets really out of hand.

Of course there's the issue of freedom of speech, but in any environment, there are limits and ramifications. This was racist hate speech, pure and simple, and shouldn't be tolerated in schools.

The folks in Brentwood should be asking some questions about the proper supervision at these events and what the school is going to do to make amends and prevent it from happening again.

Here's the story.

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