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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Has Google fooled you about your site's SEO ranking?

One of the confusing aspects of search engine optimization is knowing when or whether your site needs to be optimized. Part of the confusion is related to how Google operates and how it determines your SEO ranking.

In the past couple years, Google has tweaked its results to try to make them more relevant to users based on the user’s location.

If all of your clients are located within the city you do business, then that’s great. If you show up on the first page of results for your most important keywords, then you are more than likely reaching a large number of your target audience. However, if you do business outside of your city, chances are your website does not perform as well unless it has been properly optimized.

For instance, search for "restaurants" in Google. More than likely, you'll see a listing of several local restaurants that appear via Google Local. Now, go to the left side of your page and change the location of your browser to another city.

Re-do the search and you'll find a whole different listing. Google works the same way for other types of business listings in its main search results as well.

Do a simple SEO health check by changing the location of your browser and then typing in a keyword that describes your business. (Don't use your business name, most companies show up under their own name, but if a prospect doesn't know you, they'll search by something more generic that describes your business.)

Does your site show up? No? Then it's time for some SEO. Go to Pilot Fish for assistance with your SEO marketing.

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