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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Don't panic over Google changes

Word spreading in the blogosphere is that Google launched another algorithm update this week that is impacting search engine results.

If you've done all the right things to optimize your site, there's no need to panic over the increasing frequency of these changes. In most cases, they are intended to weed out spammy results.

The consistent message from the search engine giant and its various representatives is that quality content continues to be the primary measure of a site's value. So, keep doing the right things. HBUVN4NXAQTU

Random Thoughts from a Social Media Manager

I decided to update my personal LinkedIn account and discovered a feature to add a design portfolio through Several hours later, I had the beginnings of a portfolio posted (I had to do a bit of legwork to figure out descriptions for the projects, hunt down images, write the text, etc.) and added links to our Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. (Still need to add Pinterest.)

While working on that, managed to get sidetracked by posts I was seeing on my social media accounts, SEO-related things that seemed important enough to share. Add a link here, share a link there, it all takes time.

In the meantime, you kind of forget what you were doing in the first place. Social media has a way of pulling you through lots of winding tunnels, with no real sense of where you're going, where you've been or when you're going to get done. At some point, I just realize that my tush is hurting from sitting so long and my eyes need a break from the screen.

And the passwords! I'm a bit paranoid about using the same passwords for all my social media accounts, so keeping them all straight in my head has become a major endeavor. I guess it wasn't that important to remember all the neighbors' kids names -- no room in there for old phone numbers either.

Perhaps the most frustrating is the realization that you never finish social media. It's a long-term relationship, not a one-night stand. And, really, after being married 23 years, having 2 kids and committing myself to caring for a bird that could live longer than me, do I need another big-time commitment?

Finally, what's with the name - Social Media? The last thing I feel while glued to my screen is that I'm being "social".

OK, I'm done grousing. Time to get back to being "social".

BTW, here's a link to our new web design portfolio (still in progress)