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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It's not about being anti-gun, it's about being pro-common sense

An armed guard at Columbine High School and a police officer writing a speeding ticket nearby exchanged gunfire with Eric Harris but failed to stop him and Dylan Klebold from killing 15 and injuring 23 in 1999.

Yet, the NRA’s response to the recent shooting in Newtown, Conn., is that we should have an armed guard in every school. So, when that fails again, what will be their response? Arm the teachers, principals and fourth-grade safety patrol?

In most of these cases, the shooters have no illusion of coming out alive, so putting guns in schools not only will not deter shootings, but might provide added incentive for those seeking a way out without using their own gun.

Since their post-Newtown press conference, the NRA has increased its vigilance against gun control laws and now plans to exert even more influence over judicial nominations, opposing anyone who has any hint of a pro-gun control sensibility.

On the second anniversary of the shooting of former U.S. representative Gabby Giffords, she and her husband, former astronaut and ex-military man Mark Kelly, announced the formation of Americans for Responsible Solutions, which seeks common sense controls on the type of weapons sold and to whom they are sold.

As gun owners from one of the most gun-friendly states, Giffords and Kelly understand the culture, politics and personal cost of this debate and are uniquely qualified to represent our call for gun laws that reflect the will of sensible gun owners and non-owners alike.

The NRA has had many years to build its membership and coffers and remains one of the most powerful lobbies in the country, even though it represents the interests of a small minority (gun manufacturers and dealers). No private industry should have such a strong hand in determining safety policies in our country. The collective voice of individual citizens must be heard and heeded.

Please join me in supporting this effort with your voice and your financial support, because we all know that the only way to make this point of view "louder" than the NRA's is through active financial support of efforts like this one that will directly reach out to our lawmakers.