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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What's a good website and SEO worth to a business?

It's been an interesting week at work. Not unlike other holidays, things slow down a bit as our clients take well-deserved vacations. So, I usually find the time for some introspection of our business -- what we're doing, who we serve, how we're perceived and what we're hearing from clients regarding their web marketing plans.

We've got a number of big projects we're working on: website redesigns, big website updates, SEO projects. It's fun to work with clients who are engaged in wanting to make the best impression for their business online.

Then you have those that are at the other end, the ones that don't want to invest in their site now or ever, or who are willing to invest so little that it can't have any marked impact on their performance.

It got me thinking, "What's a good website and SEO worth to a business?"