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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Want effective SEO? Be a good SEO client

It’s not uncommon for members of our team to take a break from their work to share their tales of success or angst in working with various website design and SEO clients.

After listening to a few of these conversations, it struck me that being really successful in SEO has less to do with the size of your company, website or marketing budget, and more to do with how your company approaches SEO. Do you consider it a necessary evil that you do once in a while, like going to the dentist? Or, is it a valued activity that you work into you daily routine, like brushing your teeth?

Two SEO clients that we work with couldn’t be more different in size, budget and capabilities, but share some commonalities in how they’ve handled SEO that make their SEO efforts effective and both websites successful.

The first one, ProVia, is a manufacturer of entry doors, windows, vinyl siding and stone veneer. The company recently developed a series of stone installation veneer installation videos and asked for our assistance in promoting this effort.

The second client, Express Furniture, is a furniture store that specializes in home entertainment, office and commercial furniture. The business recently added a line of Amish-made furniture to its product lineup and asked us to add this Amish furniture to its website and help promote this product expansion.

These two businesses couldn’t be more different in size of business, staff and budget, but they share a few traits that make them great SEO clients:

1. Involve the SEO firm early on – Instead of waiting until the project is fully complete and the website has already been updated, both businesses contact us early in the process to give us a heads up on business activities that might be buzz-worthy. Not only does this give the SEO firm some additional lead time, it also enables us to be involved in execution strategy to be sure that the web pages being developed have the right SEO-friendly structure.

2. Trust the SEO firm’s advice – What both ProVia and Express Furniture do well is recognize their areas of expertise and their limitations. They’re proud of their respective expertise in entry door, window, siding and stone manufacturing and furniture sales, but quickly acknowledge that they don’t have time to learn the ins-and-outs of best practices SEO.

3. Stay involved – Despite being busy doing their everyday jobs, our contacts at both companies make themselves available when we need them. E-mails are answered within hours or a day and phone calls are returned. Generally speaking, a good SEO firm can do much of the work it needs to without too much input, but there are times when we need to brainstorm a bit with the folks that know your products and services or get an OK on a specific tactic or idea.

4. Accept the process – You may want instant ranking results for your website, but SEO doesn’t work that way. SEO is more about brushing your teeth every day – employing promotion techniques on a regular basis that maintain or improve your ranking over time, rather than a quick visit to the dentist twice a year.

Adopting these traits not only will endear a company to the account managers at its SEO firm, but they also provide a roadmap to an effective SEO campaign.

Want to become a good SEO client with Pilot Fish? Contact us at 877-799-9994 ext. 2104, or fill out this form for an assessment of your SEO needs.

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