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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Industrial SEO requires more finesse

Search engine optimization has become increasingly important for industrial companies as prospective customers eschew trade magazines and trade shows for information-gathering from the comfort of their own offices.

But, that doesn’t mean that SEO is a simple matter for very traditional businesses. Convincing an industrial business owner that his company should be on Facebook and Twitter is a tough sell. But, without some methods for building good quality back links, any effort to optimize the website will fall short.

Pilot Fish specializes in working with industrial businesses and, as such, has developed a custom approach to SEO for these types of businesses. Inbound links are acquired by a number of methods and, yes, social media does play a role, but we carefully select the media that best suit the client.

Take Mid-American Machine & Equipment, a new and refurbished machinery supplier that also provides equipment rigging and machine repair services. The company recently added laser alignment services and promoted this expansion through several online and off-line marketing initiatives executed by Pilot Fish. Among these is an active presence on Google+:

A sister company, Madison-Smith Machine & Tool Co., which provides custom fabrication, precision machining, and onsite services for plant maintenance, equipment rigging and more, launched a new website last year and is now in the process of establishing itself across the web, including on Google+:

Each of these businesses is engaged in a carefully crafted program that will help promote their services to the audiences they want to reach and improve their ability to compete on the web.

To learn more about SEO for industrial businesses, call 877-799-9994 ext. 2104.