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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

When an SEO expert shouldn't push SEO

Not every web design decision needs to be or should be SEO-related.   One of the results of businesses becoming much more aware of how search engine optimization plays such a critical role in the performance of their websites is that we often receive calls or e-mails from clients asking whether this action or that activity or promotion of their website will help SEO.

While I certainly appreciate our clients’ having “bought all in,” it’s important that we not allow SEO concerns to dictate every web decision.

For example:  Our client ProVia Products is in the process of a much-need redesign of its products section (the company manufactures entry doors, replacement windows, vinyl siding and manufactured stone for the building products industry).   Many of the recommendations we made regarding how the section should be redesigned did in fact relate to SEO.   But as we continued refining the design, user accessibility to a wide range of information about ProVia’s products became a priority as well.   A number of the recommendations we ultimately made had nothing to do with SEO, but rather making the site a more useful tool to homeowners.   After all, once a search engine has delivered a prospect to your site, you want to be sure that your site lives up to their expectations in delivering enough information for them to want to contact you.  See ProVia’s newly redesigned entry doors and replacement window sections.

Likewise, Pilot Fish just completed a full redesign of its website.  As we approached the project, our design goals had less to do with improving SEO than to make a statement that connects us to the industrial clients we serve.  In the end, we chose a design that we felt enabled us to deliver a significant amount of information about the best way to design and optimize your website with a design that would feel comfortable to our target market.   We expanded sections about industrial website design, with samples of our work, and custom B2B SEO services.   We’ve also redesigned our blog with articles offering SEO and web design tips.

Even though we incorporated SEO throughout the planning and execution of our new website, the real driver behind the redesign was a need to deliver graphic integrity for the customer and prospects who view our site. 
The role of an SEO expert shouldn’t always be to hawk the services they sell – it also should be to provide valuable consultation that helps their clients succeed in generating good quality traffic and convert prospects to customers.

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