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Monday, June 15, 2015

Celebrating 20 years of Internet Marketing Excellence

The launch of Google.   Alta Vista falling into oblivion.  Meta keywords becoming important and then not important at all.  Google algorithm changes occurring in relative anonymity outside the SEO community and then suddenly hitting widespread mainstream media with “Mobilegeddon”.
Those are just a few of the changes that the long-time staff at Pilot Fish have experienced during our 20 years in Internet marketing.

Our parent company, Polysort, launched in 1995 as the first online plastics and rubber industry portal, founded by former staffers, myself included, from leading industry trade publication Plastics News.  I spent my first days on the job at a plastics industry tradeshow, handing out disks for an ISP to help company’s get on board with the Internet.  We answered a lot of questions about how to set up e-mail and why businesses should consider building a website.  And, we built a lot of websites.

Internet marketing back in those days entailed making sure that a company added their website address to print collateral.  We were among the first web developers to start adding business websites to Yahoo’s directory.

When Google launched in 1998, it created a whole new industry – SEO (search engine optimization) – that required marketing knowledge specific to the Internet, but that couldn’t be learned in traditional marketing courses – only on the job.

And we were right there with it.  Our expertise in positioning our plastics and rubber clients generated inquiries from companies outside our core industries.  We knew that what we were doing could be applied to any industrial business, so we expanded our services with the launch of Pilot Fish, which became Polysort’s website development and Internet marketing division.

Today the two entities work side-by-side.  Polysort continues to offer one of the largest plastics and rubber industry directories online, and Pilot Fish provides SEO,website design and other Internet marketing services.  Combined, we’ve developed unparalleled experience in industrial SEO and Internet marketing that yields tremendous success for our varied lot of industrial clients.  We understand why SEO works the way it does because we were there when it was first developed and have been part of it every step of the way.

And, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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