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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Industrial internet marketing via Pinterest

An easy way to check the popularity of  a certain topic is simply to Google it - the more results you get, the more that means people are writing about that topic and the more attention it's getting.

By that measure, Pinterest -- the website that lets people find, collect and display images -- is a hot topic among industrial marketers: A search for "Pinterest for manufacturers" turned up 24.5 million results. And people aren't just writing about manufacturers using Pinterest; manufacturers actually are using Pinterest, including heavy hitters like IBM and GE.

The benefits are substantial: well-managed Pinterest accounts can improve branding, drive additional traffic to corporate websites and boost companies' search engine optimization efforts.

Looking to achieve a variety of goals, several of our clients have begun Pinterest accounts, including:

Desert Planters - showcasing its self-watering commercial planters
Equinox Sleds - spotlighting its snowmobile passenger & cargo sleds
Provia Products - highlighting great home improvements using its doors, windows, siding and manufactured stone
Total Grinding Solutions - delivering centerless grinding machine specs

It's a brave new marketing world out there, with great opportunities for companies and manufacturers to promote their brands and generate good leads. Drop us a line if you'd like some help navigating through that world,

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