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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Launch a blog to improve SEO and communications with industrial customers

Industrial companies are increasingly learning the value of using a blog to promote their business, products and services.  Many use blogs to replace web pages previously used to announce trade show calendars or press releases.

Total Grinding Solutions, a Warren, Mich.-based centerless grinder manufacturer, has launched a blog for customers and prospects to communicate centerless grinding technical tips, safety guidelines and preventive maintenance advice.

centerless grinding blog
TGS Centerless Grinders' Blog

Using a blog for this purpose enables the centerless grinding machine company to develop new content for its website on a regular basis in a format that allows interested parties to subscribe for updates.

The blog features a variety of centerless grinding-related articles, including:
Adding a blog to your website and regularly updating it helps meet Google’s “freshness” factor in its search ranking algorithm for improved SEO and provides companies a forum for regular communication with customers and site visitors.

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