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Monday, September 28, 2015

New website showcases item Southeast's manufacturing capabilities

The folks at item Southeast, of Greenwood, S.C., knew their website wasn't effective, but they weren't sure how to solve the problem. The site offered little original content, with just three pages and two brochures devoted to explaining the company's more than 20 years of experience developing manufacturing solutions that improve productivity and workplace safety.

As a distributor of item International's extruded aluminum framing systems, item Southeast wanted to provide access to the German company's comprehensive online catalog of of aluminum extrusion profiles and modular components and promote its own capabilities to design and manufacture custom machines, lean production systems, industrial workbenches and work stairs and platforms using those components.

Custom work stairs and platform
Based on the recommendation of fellow distributor item North America, the company contacted Pilot Fish for assistance in building a new site and implementing search engine optimization.  item Southeast launched its new fully optimized site with Pilot Fish's help on Sept. 14.
The new site effectively delivers on promoting item Southeast's more than 20 years of experience manufacturing a variety of industrial products, including:

item Southeast offers item’s full complement of standardized aluminum profile building kit systems, including: the MB Building Kit System for machine bases, structural framing, machine guarding and custom enclosures; the Work Bench System for ergonomic, high-productivity work stations; the TPS Stairways & Platforms system for custom work stairs, platforms and warehouse mezzanines; and the LPS Lean Production Building Kit System for custom material handling solutions.

Visit item Southeast’s website to learn more or contact the company at (888) 588-2726.

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