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Monday, November 9, 2015

Why SEO is important for industrial web sites

It's budget planning time for many businesses and with that comes the question of how to allocate marketing dollars. Just in time, a new study by industrial portal IHS Engineering360 points to the importance of SEO in reaching technical buyers.

The survey of 1,403 industrial professionals who have recommendation authority in the buying process for their companies showed that 89% of the survey participants use search engines, like Google, to research products and services. And, 75% say they rely on supplier websites. That's more than any other medium, print or online.

What does that mean for industrial companies?  As they cut up their marketing pie for 2016, they'd better serve up a much larger slice for website updates and SEO over more traditional forms of industrial marketing, like trade publications and trade shows, and even online vehicles like e-mail and webinars.

Industrial buyers are using search engines, so getting the best possible search engine rankings needs to be the #1 priority. Read more about the industrial buyers survey, then contact Pilot Fish for assistance with your industrial SEO strategy for 2016. 

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