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Monday, March 23, 2015

Is Google Overreaching in Dinging Sites that aren’t Mobile Friendly?

We’ve noticed over the last few weeks an increase in the number of “friendly” e-mail reminders from Google that certain client websites aren’t mobile friendly and will likely not rank as high in Google Search for mobile users.

The question is: Should it really be up to Google to decide whether being mobile friendly is an important attribute for a business website?

Pilot Fish works primarily with B2B companies in the industrial space. The companies to which we provide web design, SEO and content-marketing services generally do not have e-commerce sites and their customers are attained through a lengthy sales cycle involving direct interaction with a salesperson.

Their websites are viewed by these companies as a lead-generator, not a deal-closer. As such, they typically just provide enough information to get their prospects to pick up the phone or fill out a contact form. Additionally, the target audience of these companies typically is a purchasing manager or product engineer, someone who will invest a fair amount of time researching vendors and solutions from the comfort of their office before actually asking anyone to quote them on a product or service.

Many of these companies provide machinery or parts, or other products used in the production of something else, like these:
  • GCH Tool – manufacturer of new, spare parts and components for centerless grinders, ID grinders, OD grinders, surface grinders and double disc grinders
  • item North America – manufacturer of custom aluminum structural framing, linear motion products and machine safety guarding
  • Chemical Associates – U.S. supplier, marketer and distributor of natural oleochemicals used in a variety of industries and applications
  • Total Grinding Solutions – manufacturer of centerless grinding machines, serving the global industrial marketplace
  • T.O. Plastics -- manufacturer of custom-thermoformed packaging and product solutions
  • ATL -- flexographic label printer, manufacturer  of disposable medical devices and complex multi-panel booklet labels
Companies like these don’t really need or want mobile sites and asking them to invest in a mobile site to accommodate Google’s whims seems wholly unnecessary when marketing budgets are limited.

There are lots of bells and whistles available when designing a website. The key, for any company, is deciding which ones are most appropriate for the audience they need to reach.