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Monday, May 18, 2015

Industrial Website Design with a Purpose

It had been seven years since its most recent website redesign, and ATL (Ad, Tape & Label Co.) knew it was time for a fresh look.

The design was not only dated but it also failed to reflect changes in the Wisconsin-based company’s business. Founded in 1951 as a flexographic label manufacturer, ATL had expanded its services over the years to include medical tapes and foams, as well as security labels and disposable medical devices.

ATL knew the redesign had to reflect the company’s increasing focus on medical markets, but the project needed to achieve several other goals as well, including:
  •  Establishing the image of a professional, engineering-based solutions provider
  • Increasing readability
  •  Providing user-friendly navigation
  • Affording easy access to site visitors’ favorite content
  • Still highlighting ATL’s leading role in the security and industrial label markets
Layered on top was a desire for the website to continue to perform well on the search engines and to drive additional leads to the company.

ATL tapped Pilot Fish, its longtime Internet marketing partner, for the redesign. Employing extensive interviews with key staff members, comprehensive keyword research, proven content writing strategies and the most current web design principles, Pilot Fish delivered a website that met all of ATL’s goals and more.

With the redesign’s original goals achieved, ATL could concentrate on its ultimate goal: increasing sales and boosting its bottom line.