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Friday, August 21, 2015

Hola Español? Your website should if you’re targeting foreign customers

When Pilot Fish client Total Grinding Solutions Inc., a centerless grinder manufacturer in Warren, Mich., had its website built, the company knew that its machines were well-positioned price-wise for foreign grinding companies, particularly those in the Latin American market.

So it had Google’s Translate feature added to its site, figuring that foreign visitors could use the automated translation to read the site’s content.  Additionally, the company had a single Spanish-language landing page built, targeted specifically for the Latin American market.

Unfortunately, the strategy failed to drive much traffic to the site.  With little foreign-language content, there wasn’t much for search engines in other countries to index, so finding the site was likely difficult outside the United States.

Upon Pilot Fish’s recommendation, TGS agreed to build a Spanish version of its website (Rectificadora sin Centros deTGS), hiring a professional translator to provide technically accurate translated content for its centerless grinder pages.
The new Spanish version of the TGS site was launched in mid-July, and just one month after the site’s debut, TGS already is seeing increased traffic from Latin American companies.  In May, a little over a month prior to the site’s launch, the company had 70 sessions from a variety of Latin American countries, and one visit from Spain.  But, its Spanish-language landing page was viewed only 7 times in that period, so site visitors were more likely using the Google-translated version, which likely would not have provided entirely accurate translations for the more technical portions of the site, like the centerless grinder specifications page (especificacionesde la rectificadora sin centros TGS-CL-6020).

Without any additional promotional efforts besides on-page optimization, the website’s traffic from Latin American countries and Spain was 24 percent higher in the first month after the new website’s launch, and the number of pages viewed soared nearly 300% to 225 Spanish-language pages viewed vs. 7 in May.  

And, Mexico now is the third highest country of origin among the site’s visitors, accounting for a little over 5% of the site’s overall (English and Spanish) traffic.  All Spanish-language countries combined now account for 17 percent of the site’s traffic, just 30 days after the launch of the Spanish site.

The company now is in the planning stages for off-page content marketing and link building that will help build additional awareness of and traffic to the new Spanish language site. It started by translating an existing Slideshare presentation (TGS CNC rectificadora sin centros).