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Monday, April 18, 2016

B2B company quandary: Blog or post news?

“Should we create a blog or a news releases section for our website?” is a question we typically hear from our website and SEO clients as they ponder the most effective way to conduct their content marketing.

I generally will recommend a blog for content marketing because it’s more versatile than a news section, is easier for non-experienced website users to update and provides as much if not more SEO value. 

Most of the companies we work with can’t say they have news often enough to keep a news section from getting stale.  However, there are plenty of ways to update a blog because it can be used for any type of announcement, topic or article, including press releases, trade show schedules and feature articles about the company’s products and services.

At Pilot Fish, we help our clients get into the routine of blog posting and other forms of content marketing, and provide support in multiple areas, including idea development, content writing, optimization and posting, if necessary.

Blog article topics can come from a number of different sources, both internal and external. 

Current events, for example, might spark an idea for an article related to your business. item North America, a distributor of extruded t-slot aluminum framing systems, oftentimes uses current events as the news peg for its blog articles. One example is the company’s most recent blog tying in this week’s National Environmental Education Week with the reusability and recyclability of their extruded t-slot aluminum framing products

Technical tips are a handy source of blog material for many industrial SEO clients, including GCH Tool, a manufacturer of grinder parts and components.  The company frequently develops blog articles focused on technical and maintenance tips for centerless grinder parts and components, surface grinder parts, ID grinder parts, OD grinder parts and double disc grinder parts.  

Fujitsu Glovia, a manufacturing ERP software company, uses its blog to share trade show plans, like its recent exhibit at the AeroDef trade show, where it highlighted the advanced aerospace and defense ERP features of its GLOVIA G2 software.

Contact Pilot Fish to for assistance building and managing a blog for your company site or implementing other content marketing initiatives.