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Friday, September 23, 2016

SEO Blogging Tips to Beat Back Writer's Block

Corporate blogging is the double-edged sword of industrial marketing. It's great for B2B SEO, client outreach, branding and so much more. But it also seems to induce an incredible amount of stress, especially when it comes to finding topics to write about.

A lack of ideas is actually the main objection most of our clients make when we recommend that they create a blog and publish regular posts. ... "What would I write about?" ... "Nothing ever happens." ... "We don't have any new products to unveil."

To help lessen the anxiety and spark a little creativity, we've come with nine blogging tips that any business can write about.

Bonus Tip (not included in this week's regular blog post): nearly all of the ideas are repeatable, some once a month, others once a quarter, certain topics just twice a year. Taken together, the nine post topics represent 36 weeks of blogging, all of which can be mapped out ahead of time.

Furthermore ... figuring in one trade show a year (easily worth three posts - one promoting the event, one providing a "live" update from the show floor and a third wrapping up your experience) plus at least one standard news event (new hire, product launch, company milestone, etc) a year, and that leaves you with 12 posts (about one a month) that you would need to find topics for.

Coming up with one idea a month is much less daunting than having to wrestle 52 ideas into existence. Which makes a corporate blog seem at least a little more do-able.

If you'd like help coming up with ideas - or even with writing your company's blog - give us a call at 877-799-994 ext. 2104 or submit our contact form.

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