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Friday, June 24, 2016

Mix and Match Existing Content & New Backlinks for Maximum SEO Effect

Our current blog post on link-building touches on how creating website content and adding new backlinks have to work hand in hand to keep a site performing well on the search engines and generating high-quality leads. 
Custom replacement window and door manufacturer ProVia, a long-time Pilot Fish client, puts this strategy to work on a regular basis, mining existing content to create new pieces and to find new ways to link back to its corporate website.
ProVia has an absolute treasure trove of product images that are available for use not only on but also on a wide range of social media and industry resource websites.
A case in point is the company’s latest ideabook on - a well-established, well-regarded site focused specifically on ProVia’s own target audiences.
While the ideabook is new, the content itself is not - all of the images already existed, as did the descriptions. ProVia simply combined them together in a different way to create a unique piece of content.
In the process, ProVia also added nearly 30 links back to pages deep within its website, a number of which had never been linked to before. 
The company already has its eye on its next content-and-backlinks masterpiece, which we’ll be sure to highlight in a future post.