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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Prepare for a Successful Website Redesign

It’s time to redesign your company’s website and you’ve found a great B2B SEO/web design group to handle the process for you. With the team hired, you can go back about your regular business and leave everything in the capable designer’s hands, right?
Not so fast. Hiring the right SEO/web design experts is just the first step. Your involvement needs to continue throughout the process to ensure your new website conveys the message and brand your company’s after.
And that’s not because web designers don’t know how to do their jobs. The issue is that they *do* know how and they’re very aware that just about any web design is the right one for one company or another. The answer they need to uncover is which design is right for *your* company.
Hence, the pre-design meeting, which is your chance to provide the necessary information to ensure your company gets the right website for its needs.
Prepare for the meeting is important - for one thing, you need to be able to identify websites that you do and don’t like and explain why.
Read our latest blog post for more information on this and four other tips to help you prepare.

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