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Monday, May 22, 2017

Making the Best of a Domain Change

Companies spend many years and much effort and cost building their brand and marketing their names, so when the idea of changing one's website domain comes up, it's never a discussion to take too lightly.

Not only can changing one's domain cause confusion in the marketplace, it can hurt your SEO, when not implemented properly.

That's why we recommend you read this article on "How to Preserve Your SEO Rankings When Changing Domains."

We recently worked with two clients that went through the domain change process:


This U.S. manufacturer of exterior home building products had coveted a domain that was secured long ago by another business. But, they found an opportunity to acquire the domain when that company was bought out and renamed. A carefully crafted strategy was executed to convert the company's site to the new domain, with efforts to promote the domain change and contact organizations that had links to the site.  After an initial short-term drop in SEO rankings and site traffic, the site's new domain was indexed by Google and the company now has returned to its previously high SEO rankings. 

Not long after, the company decided to move its site to a new content management system and rewrite its URLs to a better format for SEO.  Again, great care was taken to write proper redirects so that once reindexed, consumers seeking the company's entry doors, storm doors, patio doors, replacement windows, vinyl siding and manufactured stone veneer products would easily find them on Google and other search engines.

After operating for 20 years as item North America, this company made a decision to re-brand its business to better reflect its commitment as a full-service mechanical hardware solutions provider. The company uses various extruded aluminum profiles and components to design and build linear motion systems, material handling applications, modular conveyor systems, machine bases, machine safety guarding, custom enclosures, industrial workbenches and work stairs and platforms.  

In addition to managing the online aspects of a domain change, Pilot Fish also assisted with customer notification, by crafting a press release, blog article, email newsletter and social media posts to help inform the company's long-time customers and prospects of the name change.

In addition to changing the website domain, this change also required complete re-branding of MB Kit Systems' social media channels, which Pilot Fish also managed. 

Changing a website domain is never and easy decision, particularly when one considers the effort required and the potential impact to website rankings.  But, when done properly, a domain change can effectively set up a business for a more prosperous future.

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