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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Effective B2B SEO requires coming out of the dark

As an Ohio SEO company that works primarily with industrial clients and other B2B companies, we’re accustomed to having clients tell us that they want to improve their SEO rankings, but are concerned about their competition finding out too much about them.

Customer lists, trade secrets, product pricing are among the taboo topics that we’re told should not appear anywhere on the website. And, we’re more than happy to comply, because there is value in not sharing with your competitors the secret to your success.

But, at the same time, to take full advantage of SEO, it’s important that businesses learn how to open up about themselves to be able to provide the breadth of content online that will help Google you’re your website higher for important keywords and help prospects learn enough about the business to want to make contact.

That means looking at other aspects of your business to find material that your customers and prospects find to be of value, and that you can leverage as SEO content for better Google rankings

Industrial SEO Case Study

By way of example, one of our industrial clients, MB Kit Systems Inc., of Akron, Ohio, recently underwent a name change and domain change from item North America, a name by which it had been known for 20 years.

Along with prescribing all the important activities required to preserve their SEO during the domain change, we also talked about identifying content that would help the company further establish its new brand. We realized we had a golden opportunity in promoting its long-time relationship with Rockwell Automation, as a member of the Encompass Partner Program. MB Kit Systems is the only provider of item-brand extruded aluminum framing profiles and components that has passed the rigorous review to be in this program and one of only a handful of mechanical solutions providers in the program.

This had been the worst-kept secret at the company, an accomplishment of which they were quite proud, but something they’d never talked about or promoted on their website.

A new business partnership with Glide-Line for modular pallet conveyors that will enhance MB Kit Systems’ ability to provide turnkey material handling solutions provided another opportunity to promote the company with good SEO content.

Many industrial businesses have relationships or partnerships they can leverage to better promote their services and generate new SEO content. It just takes a willingness to come out of the closet and let the sunshine in.

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